Special Offering

Offered for a limited time is the right to reproduce (from digital image) 300 prints of "Peninsula Sunrise," a stunning work by Monterey artist Fred Childs.  The original work, which is being retained by the artist, comprises three panels, each 20" wide by 30" high, painted freehand in iridescent acrylic on canvas and framed as a triptych.

The buyer will be shipped a CD-ROM containing a high-fidelity version of the image shown below with the visible watermark removed.  The buyer will be granted a non-exclusive license to use this digital image to create up to 300 prints, either the same size as the original or of smaller dimension.  In addition, once these prints have been created, the artist (Fred Childs) will sign and number each one, provided that the buyer arranges and pays for the shipping of the prints both to and from the artist.

The 488,470 KB TIF file to be provided via CD-ROM has previously been used to create a single 60.75" x 30" Giclée.  The quality of this reproduction is excellent, showing that the digital image has faithfully captured the detail of the original work.  (Note:  The artist is currently retaining this Giclée, which has been printed on heavy archival-quality paper and professionally framed, but would be willing to consider offers for this item.)


© Copyright 2005 by Fred Childs.  All Rights Reserved.

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