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Welcome to Fred Childs Art

Fred Childs, Monterey Peninsula artist, creates paintings with multiple panels that can be re-positioned to change the composition of the painting.  Imagine a landscape, ocean, or sky horizon painted on multiple canvases that can moved to create a new scene. Panels depicting an island can be moved to create a scene of a bay. Valleys can be created by moving hills.

Fred Childs uses his unique artistic techniques to create diptych, triptych, and quadtych Paintings That Move.™  He begins by stretching his own canvas on custom-built frames, and then uses acrylic and iridescent paint to create freehand paintings without any underlying sketchwork.

Some panels are designed to be used as folding screens, standing on the floor to decorate and divide a room. Others are framed for placement on a wall.

Fred Childs also creates single-panel landscape and dreamscape paintings, and does custom mural work. Because the colors and shadows in a Childs' painting vary as the day's light changes, these works convey a quiet sense of movement even while standing still.


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